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Another hit from the critically acclaimed N.O.V.A franchise, N.O.V.A. Legacy has finally launched. This long-awaited reboot has fans all over the world excited for the full release. You play the game as Kal Wardin for the campaign. In multiplayer, though, you can have a different name as well as a character of your choosing (simple nova, corrupted nova, or Xeno alien.) The game is currently available in China, India, America, and Canada.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty run-of-the-mill, very similar to games of the same shooter genre. You control your player with the D-pad on your screen’s left, and the buttons for weapons are on your screen’s right. You can shoot, switch weapons, and throw grenades using these buttons. There are other contextual buttons which allow you to use specific devices such as crates that contain loot. Normally, there’s a limit to how many crates you can open, but with our Nova Legacy Hack, you can open as many crates as you want to get a lot of purple gems called trilithium including coins within a short span of time.

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Gameplay Mechanics

The game features a variety of multiplayer arenas, ensuring that no experience is completely the same. This offers a ton of replay value, which is why veteran players who have played N.O.V.A games for years keep coming back for more. Deathmatch entails 8 players to face each other off until only one is left standing. There’s also Team Deathmatch where you can form a team of 4 to fight against the opposing team.

The game also offers decent player customization options. You can choose from different skins and models to suit your style. This makes it even more satisfying to see your custom character rise to the top of the leaderboards. Download the game and see for yourself!

You can play the game on mobile to play the game virtually anywhere, or you can play on PC to get the advantages of a more powerful system. As you’re starting out, you will start receiving prize packages. These will contain a variety of extremely useful gear and items such as power-ups, weapons, and weapon upgrades, and each package will always hold a maximum of three items. There is a type of package called shadow crates, and these contain amazing weapons like Vanisher, Archnio, and Nightcore, but these are pretty rare. You can our Nova Legacy Hack Apk to get those weapons earlier.

In-Game Currencies

The game has two currencies, namely, gold or coins and purple gems, also known in-game as trilithium. You can obtain these currencies by accomplishing the missions, but this will take a long time to get the amount you want. You can try our effective Nova Legacy Hack Tool to earn free trilithium and coins much more easily. Every mission has skill bonus requirements you can do to earn extra coins.

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Purple gems, though, are much harder to procure. They have great importance because they can allow you to buy stronger power-ups and gear to improve your character. Because this is also a form of currency, it is also available in the in-game store much like coins. We discourage players from wasting their money on currencies, especially when there is a Nova Legacy Hack Online available to you, where you can get these currencies for free.

Game Review

You can now finally follow along with the story of the N.O.V.A franchise, where the developers took care to design this 3D sci-fi world into something that feels alive. This plays almost basically the same as the original, with a couple of minor improvements to allow mobile players to enjoy the game even more. The only “con” this game has is its lack of security. And we took advantage of this by developing Nova Legacy Hacks to help out starting players have a fighting chance against a very competitive online player base.

The best addition in the game is the inclusion of weapons customization, where you can craft, improve, and personalize every one of your weapons.

This game is a fantastic FPS, with controls that are easy to understand and master. The graphics hold up pretty well, considering that it’s made for mobile devices in mind. The variety of game modes and options offers a ton of replay value, ensuring that players can keep on playing for months without getting bored with the gameplay.


This game is just fun and satisfying to play. Plenty of players loved the original game, and it’s always fun to revisit those great memories. The best and worst part of this game is that it’s completely free. Why is that the worst part, you might be wondering. Well, the developers have to earn money in some way, right? And they do this through in-game purchases, and you will eventually come to a point where you have to buy currencies just to avoid the long grind times. Another complaint is that the game is not yet fully optimized. There are black borders on both sides of the screen that doesn’t have any use.

The developers are actively working to fix this on the next update though, so don’t worry. In the meantime, try out our working N.O.V.A Legacy Cheats so you can get as many currencies as you want and enjoy the game to its fullest despite its incomplete state.

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